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Monday, November 16, 2009

Motivate Me Monday

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Another Monday.  I'm actually starting to like Mondays.  My favorite season is spring, because everything seems to be waking up and coming to life.  It seems like a renewal of life.  Mondays kind of have that same effect on me.  Unless it's raining.  Or cloudy.  Dreary.  But that's another post.

And to tell the truth, the last part of that paragraph above is a good segue (love that word) into my goal for this week.  Which will probably become one of those continuous, unwritten, but still working on it goals.

I need to adjust my attitude.

I've become aware recently that I tend to be a rather negative person.  Some of you are laughing because this is not news to you.  I can deal with that.  I guess I've stuck my head in the sand and not wanted to notice.  Because that would mean change.  And I don't like change.

However, I also don't like to be around negative people and I'm starting to get on my own nerves.  I've always tended to have a smart mouth quick wit and am not afraid to make sarcastic cynical interesting comments.  But now I find myself looking for the bad rather than the good.  I don't like having people over to the house and get rather snarky when Darrell extends invitations.  I always wind up having a good time, so why the avoidance?

Anyway, my goal for the week is to be more like Thumper.  If I can't say something nice, I won't say anything.  I'll smile more and be more pleasant to be around.  And for those of you who know me, I give you permission to call me on this should I stumble.

I just hope my head doesn't explode before the week's over!


Lauren said...

I happen to like your snarkiness. :) Good luck with your goal.

5L's said...

good for can do it!

Beverly said...

I'll be cheering for you. Being happy does make you feel better. ♥

kimmcl said...

WOw, I just love that kind of honesty. You are my kinda girl! Great blog!

The Traylor's said...

I know the feeling exactly! The last few months have been wonderful months for me as I've adjusted my attitude and sought out positive things. If you read my blog regularly you know that I'm not always good, and still do my fair share of complaining, but I try to always follow up with some little bit of good in each situation. It's still a bit foreign to me, but each day I'm getting better and better and I'm finding that it's actually nice to be happy and look at the bright side of things. I'll be cheering for you, you can do it!!!

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