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Monday, November 2, 2009

Motivate Me Monday

It's a new day and a new week.  And boy am I glad last week is over!  I made my goal of not going to Goodwill or any yard sales--and it was hard!  Especially when I went to the stores in the same shopping center as GW.  I was really proud of myself for resisting though.

AND I worked out 3 days.  Yea, me!

So this week I've decided to work on a goal that's really been on my mind lately.  My relationship with one of my children is not what I would like it to be.  Too many times, I've blamed it on her.  You know--if she'd listen to me, things would be so much easier.  If she'd do what I tell her, we'd all be happy.  It couldn't possibly be MY fault!  You know the drill. 

Then this weekend, as I was praying about this particular subject, it became glaringly clear just how much of our situation is my doing.  Now maybe this sounds arrogant to you.  It does to me, too.  I don't think I started out that way.  It kind of just happened without me knowing it.  My goal this week is to repent of my know-it-all attitude, as well as my critical and judgmental nature toward this child.  I haven't walked in her shoes and we rarely know how we'll react in any given situation until we're actually IN that situation.  My goal is to be more loving and compassionate, less critical.  Do you know the old saying about God giving us two ears and only one mouth?  Apparently we are meant to listen twice as much as we speak!

I don't know if said child reads this blog.  If she does, I hope she'll realize I'm trying harder.  And I hope this time next week I'll be reporting to you about a closer relationship.

Link up with Lauren at Long Winded Lauren!  Come on, people--let's get this thing going and help each other get and stay motivated!!


Lauren said...

Good job on meeting your goals, including the exercising. I like your goal this time too. Do you mind if I ask you to get specific (at least with yourself, if it's too personal to do on here)? How will you be more loving and less critical? :) Good luck!

Sue said...

Oh Beverly, This could have been me thinking all of these thoughts... Thank you for making me aware that I am in need of some serious soul searching.
All the best to you in this endeavor.


5L's said...

a great new goal...wishing you much success!

Anonymous said...

I just happen to wander to your blog, and saw the comment on "said child" I also have one of those, my youngest... I too am praying for a better relationship.. I am also one of those that needs to realize that what I want for her.. may not be what she wants. I was the one she always went to for advice and she followed all of it... I think I did pretty darn good. Then all of a sudden she didnt need me anymore... that hurt.. but I am working on my attituded and my all knowing self!! and have come to realize that I did do a good job with her and she will make good decisions.. I'm just gonna have to trust her...

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