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Monday, November 9, 2009

Motivate Me Monday


Good Monday to you!

Hope you are having an absolutely wonderful day.  I am--but don't ask me why.  Maybe just still feeling the love from the weekend.  AND it's not raining.  In fact, the sun is out and the temp is a sweet 70 degrees.  Hang on while I go smash the crap out of a fly buzzing my head!  Shoot, I missed him, but he'll be back to mock me, I'm sure.

Where was I?  Oh, yeah, rubbing it in bragging telling you about the wonderful autumn weather here in the South.  


Last week my goal was to strive for a better, closer relationship with one of my children.  I truly feel like I'm succeeding in that goal.  Of course, it's not a quick fix and won't be changed overnight.  But our conversations last week were longer and better.  Better isn't the word I'm looking for, so I went to for alternatives.  Some of the suggestions I think apply: finer, greater, higher quality, and (my favorite) more desirable.  I will admit to times when I had to bite my tongue.  I always want to jump in and offer advice where none has been sought.  Or I'm quick to tell her what I'd do.  I've finally realized she's sometimes just looking to vent, not necessarily solutions.

My goal this week is to continue on this path.  Whether I say so here or not, this will be a goal every week.  Oh, and to answer Lauren's comment from last week, I do have specifics in mind.  I just didn't want to post them here.

Also this week I'm going to strive for better eating habits.  For months now, I've been trying to lose ten pounds.  Ten measly little pounds.  But I haven't really been committed.  Today's the day to make that commitment!  Before Lauren can ask, here are my specifics:  eat a good breakfast, limit snacking and sugar, drink more water, and try to cut out fried foods.  (This may be the hardest thing to do--remember we fry everything in the South!)

So, how about you?  What are you going to work on this week?  Y'all need to get in on this with us and link up with Lauren at Long Winded Lauren.  It's more fun with lots of people.  You know how to link up, don't you?  If I can do it, anyone can!  

Come on--what are you waiting for??

1 comment:

5L's said...

glad to hear your goal is going well and i like the new one as well. wishing you good luck and restraint (for the sugar and the words)! :)

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