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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge-Vol 12 Beating the Winter Doldrums

I have been chastised by my daughter for participating in too many linky parties and not posting about my life lately.  Ha Ha!  I've got her fooled.  She thinks I actually have a life!  Anyway (not anyways), I had intended to show you pictures of the flooring projects we've been doing lately.  Alas, it's dark, dreary, and raining here and I can't get good pics.  If the sun ever appears again, I'll get busy!  So, for the time being.....drum roll please.....

1. Would you rather be seen as a person who did their duty or forged their own path?
Forging my own path as I do my duty.  To me, they seem inseparable.  I certainly don't want to be seen as a lemming--someone without a brain in her head who can't think for herself.

2. This week's Wednesday Hodgepodge happens to fall on Groundhog's Day. In keeping with that theme, if you could have a do-over of any one day out of the last seven, which day would it be and why. If you haven't seen the movie Groundhog Day this question will make absolutely no sense but that's can answer anyway.  You thought my question was going to be weather related didn't you?
Hmmmm....honestly can't think of one.  Maybe last Thursday when I went to Dillard's and didn't take as much advantage of their 30% off all clearance sale as I should have.

3. Hot cocoa...yay or nay on the marshmallows?
Definitely yes!  Have you seen those giant marshmallows they sell at Walmart?  They're like 3" square!

4. Do you wear makeup every day? What are the top two must haves in your daily makeup routine?
Absolutely!  It's like my Amer Express card--I don't leave home without it.  Only 2 must haves?  Lip gloss and an eyelash curler.  Though usually I go with the full routine--even if I'm staying home.  I don't work outside the home, but of course my husband does.  He's been seeing made up, well dressed women all day.  I certainly don't want him to come home to a wife who's still in sweats with unwashed hair.  Paraphrasing Cheap Trick: "I want him to want ME!"

5. Is it more important to you in a relationship to be loved or understood?
Loved.  Because then they'll try to understand you.  Even if they're unsuccessful, they'll still love you.

6. Parsley sage rosemary or thyme... your favorite?
To be totally honest, I don't cook much and really don't know what any of these do.  I have seen rosemary trees and they smell divine--so guess I'll choose that.

7. What do you do when you feel angry?
Rant.  Rave.  Eat.  Cry.  Sulk.  Anything that won't actually help the situation and might possibly make it worse.  Then I'll have to apologize, which I thoroughly dislike doing!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
 I understand about the beam and mote, but don't you sometimes just wish you could snatch a person up and smack some sense into them?  When they're doing something so obviously damaging to a precious relationship and poisoning other relationships in the process?  When they're burning bridges they may not be able to rebuild?  I don't even know this person.  Never met her and don't want to.  But she's hurting a dear friend of mine.  And that mother bear instinct that is usually reserved for my husband and children is rearing its head.  My friend has done nothing to deserve the treatment she's received.  I want to take away that pain.  I want to make the offender realize what she's doing.  All I can really do is pray, listen, hug, and cry.  I hope it's enough.


Joyce said...

There are quite a few 'non-cookers' on the Hodgepodge. Who knew?

Sorry bout your friend...that's hard. She's lucky to have a good friend in you though!

Nanato4 said...

What a good friend you are to your sweet friend. Praying for you both.

Rebecca Jo said...

Ahhh - I love a little "Cheap Trick" thrown in the mix here! :)

Those marshmellows are bigger then my face!! What the heck!!

EmptyNester said...

Totally there with you on the random thought! And number 7--especially the apologizing part, hate that. Oh, and the marshmallows! LOL

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Great Answers!!

I absolute agree with you on #4 - and the flip side of that is I never would have let my husband consistently see me looking bad when we were dating - and it's still worth the effort to have his say WOW when he sees me now.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Great answers. I love seeing how everyone answers them each week. I think I need to start curling my lashes, they seem to have disappeared.

Tammy said...

Love the cartoons with answers. I thought I was the only one who didn't know what #6 was--WHEW---:) Glad I am not the only one.

Connie said...

As for #7, that is me EXACTLY!!!

Hmmmm, and #8, well...

...that is a topic for another day.
So glad your friend has someone like you to lean on, you are an angel on earth to her I am sure.

Mimi said...

Great post, very interesting!
I'm with you on the rosemary, love the smell of it. It's noted for helping memory, hence the tradition of spreading rosemary branches on the floors when someone died, so they wouldn't be forgotten!
Sorry your friend is having a hard time, I know the feeling of wanting to take away their pain.

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