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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hodgety Podgety Birthday Fun

1. Do you and your family enjoy camping? What do you enjoy most/like the least when it comes to family camping? When was the last time you camped? 
 Yes and no.  We camped quite a bit when the kids were little.  What I like least is that it always rains.  If your area is experiencing a drought, just ask our family to come camp.  I can guarantee rain.  What I like best about camping is going home early because of the rain!  It's been years since we camped.  And hopefully it'll be years before I go again!  My idea of roughing it is a hotel with dial up!

2. Did you attend a summer camp when you were a kid? Is that a happy or not so happy memory?
My first summer camp was a 4H camp between 4th and 5th grades.  It was awesome!  I loved every minute.  During 5th and 6th grades, our whole class spent a week at a nearby lake.  

3. Over the course of your life, what have you probably spent more time pondering than anything else? 
why my birth mother didn't want me 

4. Which of the seven natural wonders of the world would you most like to see? There are many lists of 'wonders' but this is the standard natural wonder list-Mount Everest, The Great Barrier Reef, The Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, The Harbor of Rio de Janerio, Paricutan Volcano and The Northern Lights.
The Northern Lights--preferably from a cruise ship

5. What was your first real job?
A little hamburger joint.  Got paid $1.10/hr, but could eat all I wanted.  

6. Lemonade or Sweet tea...which do you prefer on a hot summer day?
Since I'm a Latter-day Saint, I'll have to choose lemonade.  Unless of course there's Diet Mt Dew available!

7. What is something that always brings a smile to your face?
a kiss from my husband!

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
Some people can be so thoughtless and inconsiderate.  They never seem to realize how far-reaching and painful their actions can be.  And that's all I'm going to say on the subject. 


Connie said...

Wha???? Your husband is kissing a brunette, were you aware of that?
And all along I thought your were a 'real' blond...LOL!!!!

Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

I love the picture you inserted with #8!!! Too funny!

The Northern Lights ... from a cruise ship ... might be doable for DH & me, given our aversion to flying. Thanks for the idea! ;-)

Joyce said...

My hubs has seen the Northern Lights but that is on my list of 'to dos' too. I like the picture in definitely makes a point : )

Tammy Doane said...

I would love to see the Northern Lights!
:( about #3. My step-son lived with a girl and they had a child together. The girl married someone else and she doesn't want to see her child. Nate-who is so adorable-still prays for his Mommy. At first this broke my heart, since I am an educator and see this daily, but right now Nate has a great support system and he is constantly spoiled by his two aunts-who are 23 and 21!!
Have a good day.

SusanD said...

The Northern Lights from a cruise ship would be awesome. Great idea. Love your random #8. Driving home the point. lol. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

Amy said...

Sorry to hear about your number 3.. Wow your first job sounded fun and I bet you got great food..

Taylor said...

When I was growing up, it was always sure to rain when we were camping!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Hmmmm....hadn't thought of the whole northern lights from a cruise ship....That has real possibilities!!

I'm "borrowing" your #8 picture. I've got plans for it :-D

6L's said...

wow! you and darrell went from one extreme to the other with your hair, huh? love it!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Hoping to brighten your day!!

I've left an award for you on my blog ~ be sure and stop by to pick it up!

Thank you for all the smiles you've given me!!

Sweet Tea said...

Do you know - I.Have.Never.Been.Camping.
It's true. But frankly, it's totally NOT on my Bucket List. Your thoughts are my thoughts regarding the subject. I'm waaay too high maintenance for such a thing.

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