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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just One More Reason

In case you didn't know, I have the best husband in the world. I could list the reasons, but there's not enough room for them all. Here's one just for the record.

He knows I don't like to cook. I think you have to like food in order to like to cook. I'm a picky eater and thus don't like the kitchen in any way, shape, or form. It's my least favorite room in the house. If I could eat out every meal--or have my own cook!--I would be a happy woman!

When Darrell comes home from work each night, I make sure I look presentable and the house is clean. But it's not unusual for nothing to be going on the stove. He never complains. Sometimes we go out. Sometimes we cook together. Sometimes he makes something. And on occasion I even fix a meal!

Right now, my sweetheart is making pancakes and bacon while I sit here on the computer. I'm sure he's starting to hate this computer, because of this blog and Facebook. But again he doesn't complain. How could you NOT love him??


Marlena said...

OH, how sweet!! That's the way it should be, though....If they don't see any food fixed, it's not gonna magically appear so there's no need to complain!!! Pancakes and bacon...YUM!!!

Holly said...

I get at least one meal a week that he cooks. Sunday for lunch he makes spaghetti.

I have been in this rut. The kids want the same stuff over and over and we get tired of it. When I try something different they want to get upset.

Beverly said...

When I used to make different things for dinner, I always included one thing I knew the kids would eat. Still do that with the grandkids. There's applesauce or at least one veggie they like. That way they eat something.

Our Family said...

aww, beverly...that is so sad you don't enjoy food! we LOVE food around here and are blessed with no picky eaters so far. i love it when the hubs cooks, i don't even care if it's a hotdog if i don't have to make it, lol!

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