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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

First, thanks for your prayers for Darrell. He is doing better every day.

Anybody making resolutions for the new year? Seems like I make the same ones year after year. Exercise regularly, pray twice a day, read my scriptures every day, be kinder.... I don't usually make it past February. So this year the only resolution I'm making is not to make any resolutions. That one I think I can keep.

Do you ever wish you could tell someone exactly what you think? Of course, then you'd be fair game for the person to be blunt with you, but sometimes I think it'd be worth it. Ever see someone at the mall or Walmart and want to ask them if they have mirrors in their house? Like the woman I saw who was wearing bright pink underwear and white pants. Or the cashier with the tarantula eyelashes. I bet she uses up a tube of mascara in a week. Ever want to ask someone to take their screaming kid out of a movie or sacrament meeting?

Opinion time here. I see girls wearing leggings with short dresses all the time. Are these appropriate for church? Is it better for them to be at church wearing something like this than not to come at all? Would you let your daughter wear a skirt that short if she was bare-legged or wearing hose or tights?

Why do TV stations change their lineup just when I get used to it and know when my favorite shows are coming on? Does anyone but me like to watch the 'paid programming' that comes on late at night or early in the morning? The things for sale now are amazing. Just wish they worked as advertised. And how come the people in ads for wrinkle creams, etc are about 20 years old?

Why do leaves gather by my back door? The only trees in that vicinity are pine trees. Far as I know, they don't have leaves. So where are all these leaves coming from? You can't walk out the door without wading through a foot deep pile of leaves. So they invariably make their way into the house.

Okay, that's it for now. Just random things that run through my head. Leave a comment so I know I'm not the only oddball out there.


Dane, Holly, Devin, and Jarom said...

Do I know you? I see you have looked at my blog and was just wondering.

Beverly said...

I found you by hitting 'next blog' a few months ago. When we had family in for Christmas, we were looking at old posts and comments. One was from you. That's all.

Our Family said...

i always make years is actually my 2nd favorite holiday, lol! i have the same problem as you thoughh....too many things. my suggestion is to do what i'm doing this year, only focus on ONE thing instead of several.

as for leggings w/short dresses, i think you would agree you'd rather have your child there wearing that than not be there at all. even though it's definitly not modest and no i wouldn't want leila wearing it, it's better than not coming at all, right?

i'm a big fan of saying what's on your mind and being honest. i wish more people would do that instead of pretending something is okay with them when it's really not. as for just voicing an opinion where it doesn't make any difference and hurts someone in the process it's better to practice 'keeping our mouth shut' as sis tanzie put it in rs on sunday.

Holly said...

I have to say I don't agree on the short dresses, they need to not be wearing those to church. I would rather see them in slacks and a t shirt then that. Christina has many no sleeve dresses and she never wears then without a shirt underneath. I just figure if I don't make it okay when she is younger it won't be a big issue when she is older. Too many paretns now are into wanting their children to feel like they are their friend. You are the parent and you should expect them to follow the teachings of the church. Would they be allowed into the temple in that outfit? Would they feel comfortable standing in front of the Savior with that item on? Just my opinion.

Sorry I have had a rough day with a daughter that is strong willed so I am just in the mindset of I can't be her friend, I have to show her that I am consistent and that she can't win. If I offend you on my views I am sorry. I too tend to speak my mind.

Our Family said...

i just have to say that just b/c your 4 year old doesn't insist upon wearing a sleevless dress now doesn't mean she won't want to when she is 14 or 24. i was raised dressing modestly all my life and i still went through a phase where when i was able to choose for myself that i wore whatever i felt like. i didn't do it at church b/c i wasn't that defiant but if loren's work had a christmas party, i was wearing something spaghetti straps. at work and elsewhere i wore shirts that were way to low cut...i DIDN'T CARE!! yes, we hope that what we teach our children will always stick but let's face it, we are living in a different time with children that are much stronger willed and much more influenced than we were and to say that we'd rather not see them at church than to see them wear something inappropriate is just not right! i happen to be pretty sure of the young lady that we are speaking of and each week i look for her beautiful smiling face b/c i worry about the day she doesn't show up to church. knowing the family for many years, i don't beleive they are the kind that just let the kids do whatever they want. matter of fact, i'm pretty sure each of them went on missions (the boys) and married in the temple and are active church goers. we don't know the whole story about what their family has been through in the past few years and therefore it isn't fair to judge this one thing that she may outgrow before we stop talking about it! okay, of my soapbox now. :) holly, this is not taking offense or being mad at you or anyone else by any means, just making another point. do we want to be responsible for having a tender spirit not come back by saying something of this nature?

Holly said...

In reading my post I was hopng that I hadn't said I didn't want to see them there.
I didn't mean that and in reading I don't see it. I just said I would rather see them in regular clothes than in inappropriate clothing. I would never want someone to not come to church. I keep my mouth shut about what others are wearing because they are were they belong.

I know many people that no longer come to church because of comments made to them about weight, family issues and many other things. The pain is still there years later. I never want to be one to offend someone that badly that they no longer come. I am sorry as I said I had a bad day yesterday and had been thinking about what my future held with dealing with a strong willed child and that came out in my posting.

I am sorry for anything that may have struck a nerve for anyone. It wasn't meant to I was just voicing my opinion on the subject.

Beverly said...

Holly, do you read much? I have a book you might want to borrow on dealing with a strong willed child. Let me know if you're interested.

Charlie and Nicole Borders said...


I haven't really ever made resolutions, but I do strive for improvement.

I know what you mean about wishing you could speak your mind. Charlie and I run across so many odd things out in the world that we just wish we could ask people what they were thinking. But, we don't comment because we want to be nice. Also, sometimes I wish that I could write whatever I wanted on the blog- but I don't in fear that I'll offend someone.

Boy have I got an opinion on the short dresses and leggings! Just because your tights are opaque doesn't mean you can wear a dress that comes up to your thighs. But, it seems like we all agree that we would rather see someone wearing something inappropriate than not have them there. I also went through a phase of wanting to dress immodestly (prom-sleeveless). I am referring to a grown woman with small children should know better than to wear that- but oh well! Her choice, enough said.

The Wheeler 5 said...

wow! those are some long comments! but i guess i'll add my two cents! the leggings/short skirt i just don't understand. it's all over here at is it modest? WHATEVER!

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