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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You People!

I am declaring today unofficial Update Your Blog Day! Some of you haven't posted since before Thanksgiving!! It's like you actually have a life outside the computer! Come on, people, help me out here. I've read the same stuff over and over and over. Get with the program. The house doesn't need cleaning. Laundry can wait. Homework isn't that important! Call in sick. Let the kids cry. I want you to sit down in that chair and stay on that computer till you have posted something new on your blog! I mean it! Don't make me come over there!


Holly said...

You can come on over and beat me upside the head if you would like. Then you can clean my house for me. I posted one on my grandma but I need to update it.

Our Family said...

beverly, you crack me up, lol! i sure am glad i updated mine, haha! i sure hate getting behind but soemtimes there truly is NO TIME for it! :)

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