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Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Few More Finds

The post below got me thinking about some of the great items I've found over the past few months and I wanted to share them with you. Most are in their original condition. Darrell thinks I'm nuts sometimes. I'll bring something home and he'll give me this look--you know the one. He's thinking "you spent good money on THAT? What are you gonna do with it?"
He loves when I answer that I have no idea!

This is a very heavy iron candleholder I bought for $2.50 at a yard sale! Darrell wanted to paint it, but I talked him out of it!

Another yard sale find for $1.00!! It needs a little work, but I love it for the guest room.

Found this little shelf at Goodwill for $5.99. It's been moved around the house a lot and I still don't quite know what to do with it. I have two dark green wicker chairs in the living room and I'm thinking of painting it to match and putting it between them with a lamp on it.

This is my favorite! Got it at a yard sale for--are you ready?--$2.50!! And it works!! It's pretty heavy and I love the fringe on the lampshade.

Please ignore the ugly AC--I thought I had it covered with the curtain.

(Don't you think that chair needs painting? It really stands out being so white. Could I just brush my handy brown craft paint on it to tone it down a bit?)

1 comment:

Marlena said...

I really like the tall candleholder...I've never seen one like that and I like it the way it is...Kinda rustic and cool!!!

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