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Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Kitchen

Kelly from Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show Us Where You Live Friday" and this week we're touring kitchens, so I thought I'd finally show pictures of mine. I wanted to wait till everything was finished, but that may never happen, so this is a good opportunity.

So, here's my kitchen--still not done, but a whole lot further along. Darrell and I spent our first three years of marriage in Italy (thanks to Uncle Sam) and we love all things Italian. We've recently redone our kitchen to reflect that. Eventually we'll replace the cabinets, but this is soooo much better than when we moved in!

The kitchen is long and narrow--like 10x27, more or less--and a weird layout. I painted the walls using a frottage technique and the floors are actually stick on tiles that have fooled more than one person! These pictures are in no particular order.

This is one of my favorite finds--purchased at a flea market for $10. It houses dog food. (I know it's not Italian, but I love it!)

View from the table area. The sideboard started life as an entertainment center (I think). We bought it at ReStore (which benefits Habitat for Humanity) for $50. We painted it black, tiled the top, and added the baskets. This is where all the snacks for grandbabies hide. I'm going to redo it again this summer--not real crazy about the glossy paint. I think matte will work better. The pot rack was $25 at and the copper pots were an ebay find.

Wall beside the table. The mirror was my daughter's and the planter was free from a friend.

This is the opposite wall beside the table. Everything on the wall came from ebay. The pizza paddles were about $20. The poster is actually a framed menu from Mama Leone's restaurant in New York. Love Billy Joel, so I couldn't resist.

This plaque says "The kitchen is the heart of the home." Purchased via ebay from The Nevues Art Gallery.

My new light fixture--immensely better than the old one. I have another smaller one for the other side of the kitchen, but haven't gotten it up yet.

The opposite side of the kitchen. The shutters beside the window are actually bifold doors we bought at a yard sale--5 sets for $5! Over the window is grapevine, complete with bunches of grapes! My beloved china cabinet is on the right.

I want to replace the desk on the left with an old farmhouse style table or a computer armoire. Suggestions?
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5L's said...

i love those peel and stick tiles! we did that in our old house in the kitchen...looked great and easy! it looks very nice. :)

Jan the crazy lady said...

That is so cozy and great. I love the charm so much. Those paddles could have come in handy during my boys teenage years.

lagirl said...

Thanks for inviting me into your home. I love the fact that lots of your deco has a story with them.They say a kitchen is hte heart of a home and your heart looks interesting and inviting. I'd love to share soem Sweet Tea with you in that kitchen...Perhaps I can find time later to post my kitchen photos, so you can visit me

Bee and Rose said...

I love the pizza paddles! What a cozy, lovely kitchen! I am so ready for a remodel!

Holly said...

Beautiful changes Beverly. If I hadn't seen the kitchen before you made the changes I wouldn't be able to see the wonderful changes that have been made.

I am glad that you were able to get rid of the ugly light fixture in the kitchen. Would love to se it in person sometime.

Jocelyn said...

Cute! I'm redoing part of my kitchen this week (new counters, back splash, sink and faucet) and I'm so excited!!

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