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Friday, May 15, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

Not a lot going on today in my area as far as yard sales go, but not bad for a Friday. I love to go on Fridays because people are working or in school, so there's not a lot of competition. I spent $8.50 and got all this. Can't wait for tomorrow to go again!!

My most expensive purchase was this set of curtains. Four panels for $3.50! I plan to tea stain them and use them in my office!

I collect creamers--antique, depression glass, ceramic, even silver. Had to have this little cutie. There was a really unique one, but it had a crack in it, so I passed it up. Hope I don't regret that. It probably wouldn't show in the cabinet....hmmm. The dinosaur thing is magnetic shapes--that'll go in the church bag to entertain little ones. And the decorating book is chock full of easy ideas--right up my alley! One of my summer projects is to paint my concrete porch floor to look like flagstone. And guess what?? The instructions are in this little book!

An awesome little purse. This would make a great gift bag, but the granddaughters will probably snag it for dress up. Not till I use it for church on Sunday, though!

A cute little metal candleholder--I plan to put this on the deck. It's a flat black right now, but I'm trying to add some color to an otherwise boring area. Suggestions? Right now, I've got blues and purples, with a bit of orange thrown in.


Lauren said...

Ooh I like that dinosaur book. :)

5L's said...

i'm gonna come looking for you and that magnet stuff when my kids start acting up on sunday! can you come work on jazzing up my house/salon? :)

Eric and Rozanne said...

I'm so jealous of all the good stuff you find at yard sales! I wouldn't mind some tips on my house too. :)

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