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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Doesn't Take Much to Get Me Excited!

Look what I found when I went outside this afternoon!! In case you don't recognize it, this is a peony. I love these flowers and mine are finally gonna bloom!! Two years ago, Darrell bought me some of these gorgeous babies in bulb form--like two or three boxes. I planted 14--yep, 14--never expecting them all to come up. Thirteen of them did! None bloomed last year, so that's why I'm so excited this year! And this is my favorite color of peony. The bloom should be about the size of a grapefruit. I'll send pictures again then.

On another note, my climbing roses are blooming, too. And something is having a feast on the leaves! Luckily, they aren't focusing on the buds or blooms. But those leaves look like lace! Any ideas what it might be and how to get rid of the little critters? I know it's not aphids or ants. Maybe caterpillars or snails?

1 comment:

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I adore peonies! Mine should bloom soon...I hope!
Thanks for visiting my blog-Your pictures were lovely on yours today!

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