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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Tips You Can Really Use

Thanksgiving is a little more than a week away.  Family and friends are coming to--gulp--YOUR house!  Is there time to repaint every room?  Install new carpet?  Regrout the bathroom?  Probably not.  But here are a couple of things you can do that will make a big difference:

7 Ways to Make Your House Look Clean
(without actually cleaning it)

1.  Clear off all surfaces into laundry baskets.

2.  Stash laundry baskets in closets.

3.  If it can't be cleared and stashed, stack it.

4.  Windex the mirrors.

5.  Shine the sinks and faucets.

6.  Spray cleaning product in kitchen and bathroom (doesn't have to actually be used to clean anything) and light a scented candle--the most expensive one you can afford--in the living room.

7.  Dim the lights.


VandyJ said...

Good tips! We like to vacuum and clear off surfaces. That constitutes clean for my hubby.

SayRah said...

LOL! Oh this is me..I suffer from 'Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome'! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's wonderful to meet you!
You have a new follower in me (and my Mom's name is Beverly as well, So i heart your name:)
many hugs and blessings!

Tamara said... definitely won't see me doing any of these tricks at my house (ya right)......these are some sweet tips! My siblings are all WAAAAYYY too OCD to even give them tips these days. I would bet you $50 you couldn't find a speck of dust in Marlena's house...and she has 3 kids!!! That woman dusts, scrubs the kitchen floor on her hands & knees, vacuums, and cleans the kitchen sink w/ windex & dish soap, shines the faucets in bathrooms....and she does these things DAILY....I'm telling you insane woman!!! And I'm sure I missed a few things. So, she's ready for comany any day of the week...but believe me, she does this list 5 times BEFORE company arrives, and 10 times once they leave. IN.SANE! ha hah a

The Wheeler 5 said...

this totally made me laugh because last week i had family in town and stuff got thrown in the laundry basket then placed in my room. now i'm debated on cleaning out the laundry basket or just going and buying a new one!

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