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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My New Treasures!

It's getting colder and that means the end of yard sales for a while.  
Can we bow our heads for a moment of silence?

Thank you.  While I am trying to declutter--no, really, I am--and have been unable to do much thrifting lately, I have managed a couple of trips to flea markets.  Would you like to see my new-to-me goodies?

Gorgeous rusty old scale - $8
I love this bad boy!!

Crackled glass hurricane - $3.50

Planter - $5
Not sure if I want to use this outside with flowers 
or in the bathroom with towels rolled up in it....opinions, anyone?

Wooden trash can - $2
I've been wanting a trash can for the deck.
This will be getting a face lift soonest.

 Wicker chair - $8
Despite this being my favorite red, I will be spray painting it.  
It's going to be my new office chair

And this is a sneak peek at my very favorite, bestest find!!  
I'm waiting to get her where I want her before revealing her loveliness!


Connie said...

Great thrifty finds. I am loving that red wicker chair and you have me wondering about that last piece...hmmmm, what will you do with it?

Christie said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! You gotta know I want to borrow that scale!!!! FOR REALS!! I wonder if it would work. Oh and I need to borrow your wash basin. SOON. I'll have to call you

Jo-anne (Blossy) said...

Wow you definitely found a few bargains. I love the old scales.

Lori E said...

Too cool. Those are great finds. The last it a dresser?

6L's said...

love the old scale....i have a pic of leila's chubby baby bum sitting on one of those about 9 months old. :)

SayRah said...

Ohh, with towels,definitely. It would make your bathroom look extremely shabby :)

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