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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What is the most amazing weather you've ever seen?  I had to stop and really think about this one.  We lived in NC when a tornado went through and then just a few months later experienced my first hurricane (Hugo).  Sitting in the hot tub watching what we call "heat lightning" in the summer is always interesting.  But probably driving from Idaho to Utah during a snow storm was the most amazing.  I've never seen snow come down that quietly or more beautifully.  And pile up that quickly!

2. What is a sound or noise you love?  Little people calling out "Beeba" (that's what I'm known as to my grandchildren)

3. Do you like seafood? What's your favorite seafood dish?   No!

4. What part of your day requires the most patience?  Probably waiting for my husband to leave in the mornings so I can get on the computer without guilt

5. What's your favorite shade of blue?  Royal Blue

6. Do people underestimate you?  I think so. I'm pretty introverted until I get to know you, so people are always surprised when I finally open up.

7. When was the last time you had butterflies in your stomach?   Last month at a church meeting

8. Insert your own random thought here, and remember...I have a wooden spoon and I'm not afraid to use it.    Why are people so inconsiderate nowadays?  I ran some errands earlier today and was at three different stores.  Can't tell you how many times I was cut off--in traffic, the parking lots, and in the stores--without anyone saying "excuse me, pardon me, or kiss my foot".   Common courtesy seems to have become very uncommon!


Joyce said...

If my hubs works from home it throws off my whole day so I know what you mean about the mornings.

I agree, people seem to be more tightly wound these days. People honk up here...if you aren't hitting the gas pedal the second the light changes you'll likely hear honking. I sometimes want to shout-Everybody just calm down! : )

Mary said...

I don't understand people not being polite, either. I usually tell them "excuse me" when they cut in front of me. People are sooo rude!

6L's said...

i want to know which meeting gave you butterflies :)

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