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Friday, November 19, 2010

No Guilt Zone

I love George Carlin!  Back in high school, I briefly dated a guy who had the 8 track (yes, I'm THAT old!) Wonderful WINO.  Oh, my gosh!  One of the funniest things ever.  To this day, I can recite parts of it and still laugh hysterically!  But I digress.  Thinking of today's subject matter made me think of George Carlin.  You'll get the connection in a minute.

be aware--for some reason, the last 10 seconds aren't censored

17 Things to Throw or Give Away Now

1.  Any white shirt that's yellowed under the arms.

2.  Any underwear you wouldn't want to be in an accident in.

3.  Any book that makes you feel guilty when you look at it.

4.  Any package of flour, sugar, pasta, or anything that's been open for longer than 3 months.

5.  Last year's spices.

6.  Magazines you've read twice.

7.  Clothes that make you feel bad about your body or your life.

8.  Shoes that hurt.

9.  Linens that you wouldn't want to have your nose buried in for 8 hours.

10.  Old mismatched towels you're keeping "in case".  In case of what?  Invasion by a horde of unclean relatives?  You don't want to be prepared for that.

11.  Those 28 tiny bottles of body lotion you swiped from hotels and have never gotten around to using.

12.  The gifts you hated as soon as you opened them but have felt too guilty to get rid of.

13.  The wrapping paper from said gifts.

14.  Dried wreaths or bouquets that have become more dust than flower.

15.  Any broken lamp or appliance that would cost more to fix than to replace.

16.  Anything you use only occasionally--pliers, staple remover, apple corer--that you have more than one of.

17.  Any photograph you don't want your grandchildren to remember you by.

There.  You have permission!


GGFB said...

great post

6L's said...

my inlaws dig george carlin....i can't stand his mouth, lol!

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