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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Entertainment Center Revamp

My name is Beverly and I am:
A. a slacker
B. a bad blogger
C. bored

All these combine to equal lots of random posts on a Saturday where I have little to do--or that I want to do would be more accurate--and it's 22 degrees outside.  Hubby and his friend are working on a project I hope to show you in a few days. clapping hands gleefully  So I am left to my own devices.

Have I mentioned my husband before?  I love him dearly.  Truly I do.  We've been married almost 35 years.  Did I mention I love him?  If he has one flaw, it might be his love of big huge TVs.  This is my living room:

 See that lovely fireplace?  No, of course, you don't.

 Because the Black Hole is absorbing all the attention!
Not to mention that the cabinet it's sitting on is too small.  Every time I looked at this thing, it drove me wild.  And not in a good way.

Fortunately, I had learned about a hotel furniture liquidation place in Nashville.  (Unfortunately, they have closed.)  We made a little road trip and for $10 came home with this guy:

 Pretend there is wood behind that door on the right.  I forgot to get a picture before Darrell cut the wood out.  There used to be a mini fridge there.

All we had to do was remove the fridge, cut out the wood, and wipe it down.  We purchased smoked glass to put behind that door so we could put the Wii, cable box, etc there.  We also got a plastic cabinet to hold DVDs, and the like.  And we bought new knobs.  Total cost: about $50!

Here's how that same corner looks now.  While the TV is still too large for my taste, it looks better, don't you think?  Please say yes, even if you don't mean it. ;-)

ETA:  I am a bad blogger because we actually did this back in late October/early November.  A good blogger would have posted about it then.  Hey, at least I got pictures!


6L's said...

it looks super fab! great job and great dealing, lady!!

Never Enough Orange said...

You are not a bad blogger and I think it looks much better, but if you think the TV is too big, I will gladly take it off your hands

Nanato4 said...

Much better ... it's lovely! And for only $10!!

Jenn said...

It looks awesome! Much better than before. Love the cabinet!

Mary said...

LOL! Yes, at least you did get pictures! And, it does look better!

Karen said...

Don't sweat the small stuff, kiddo: not having blogged about the cabinet in the fall. :o) What a beautiful cabinet. I'm with you, tho, on the HUGE tv. blessings, k

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