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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday Hops

Welcome to the 44th edition of the  
Follow Friday 40 and Over!! 

Are you a blogger over 40? Yeah, welcome to the club!
Please join in the fun and get to know your fellow bloggers!!

1. If I don’t check my email, Facebook, and my blog in the morning, my day feels off.

2. When someone walks into my house for the first time, they usually comment on the giant TV.

3. Every time I see the movie Ghost, I cry.  (and All Mine to Give, the original Cheaper By the Dozen, Gone With the Wind, etc, etc--yep, I'm a softie.)

4. My feet feel best when my husband gives me a good old foot rub!


Leslie said...

Have a great weekend Beverly!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

I have not heard of Encore Azealea's but will have to check those out for sure! Anything for a longer blooming time.

The top shown on my blog was off the internet, but I've gotten several cute ones from Chicos. They are 3/4 sleeve, and a nice V neck in various colors.

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ghost! I forgot about that one... it makes me cry, too! Really good film...

Have a great weekend :-)

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Would you believe I've never seen Ghost all the way through - I've seen spots of it and knew I couldn't handle it in it's entirety.

That is one big TV!

Connie said...

Your husband is a keeper...foot massages are the best.

I love tear jerky chic flicks.
Have you seen P.S. I Love You? Loved that one and the Notebook is the one that makes me cry EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I watch it. Loved Ghost too.

Connie said...

That would be "jerker", not jerky. That changes the whole meaning of my comment. LOL!

Hilary said...

Ghost... that is a good cry movie! You are a lucky lady - My husband has never given me a foot massage - although I give him one all the time.. I think it is time for some payback :)

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