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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Son

It's a wonderful thing when your grown-up children want to spend time with you. Tonight Clayton invited me to go Christmas shopping with him. I truly appreciate him wanting my opinion and asking me along. He's not always a big talker, so I try to take advantage when the moment arises. Since Clayton is our only son, I like to think we have a special mother/son bond. (Don't burst my bubble if you know differently.) We actually think a lot alike. I know sometimes I drive him crazy. I can be vocal about what I think, especially when I believe one of my children is hurting. Sometimes I talk when I should be listening. I love my son dearly and appreciate his spirit and his strength and compassion. He has grown into a wonderful man.

P.S. I didn't mention the uncanny way he has of being able to tell EXACTLY when his music is driving me nuts! He's always been able to turn it to something more my style just before I ask him to. I think he prides himself on this ability.


Holly said...

I have never noticed that you are very vocal! Just kidding. Clayton is a special spirit and you should feel blessed to call him your son. He is going to make a young woman very happy one day.

I am sure that you are a blessing to his life as well.

The Richards Family said...

very sweet post, beverly! i love hearing about erika and their budding relationship! i was happy to see he updated the blog today. :)

Never Enough Orange said...

I knew when I saw you had a new post for what you were thankful. You did, however, forget to mention my uncanny to know exactlly when you have reached your tolarance for my music. I love you mom

Tamara said...

Again, it's taken me DAYS to catch up on everyone's blog (it does feel good to have several friends, but MAN is it every so time consuming to keep in touch with them). Anyway, I know all about the mother-son thing....we've all seen it w/ my mom and Phil....we still tease her and say things like "if one of us girls dies, it wouldn't be that big of a deal since you have several others still around...but if your SON died, then your world would probably end"....crazy, but it's true...moms and sons are special in ways that I can't even begin to understand yet. Anyway, I loved the post about the beard...still waiting to see a pic of it!


And ya, I cried when Steven shaved his face. I fell in love w/ a baby face, too...but once I convinced him to grow a goatee, it was my FAVORITE. He shaved it after our interview for the temple recommend (cuz the stake pres. made him feel bad for it), but he grew it back out a couple of weeks before we got married! HA HA HA, and kept it until we moved and he got called into the Young Mens...he's trying to set a good example to the youth. What good men we have to follow the Lord and want to do what's right! Good Job to both of them!

Tamara said...

ps- I see Holly made a comment, and I'd like to be INVITED to read her blog. ugh! I don't have her email...would you send her


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