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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Want a Good Laugh?

If you're in need of a good laugh, head over to craigslist and peruse the things for sale, especially the furniture. I seriously worry about some of these poor people.

At this particular moment, you will find:

a cowch
a 4 jored dresser
a 5 jored dresser
a chest of draws
rod iron patio furniture
a set tea
a kids armoria
an ahmwah

I don't laugh at the "fat-fingered" mistakes, but the obvious phonetic spellings and mispronunciations which lead to these resulting ads drives me crazy and makes me laugh out loud. I'm sorry, what can I say? I'm warped. Ya gotta find humor where you can!


Charlie and Nicole Borders said...

That is funny. I was just looking at craigslist yesterday for a freezer and I came across this, "I HAVE A FREEZER THAT I DONT NEED ANY MORE BECUSE I AM REMODELING MY GARAGE THIS FREEZER IS NOT NEW ITS ABOUT 2 YEARS OLD ITS HASE SOME SCRATCHES ON THE INSIDE JUST SOME PAINT AND IT WILL BE NEW AGINE . BUT IT DOSE WORK JUST PERFECTLY NOTHING RONG WITH IT AND ITS A BIG SIZE FREEZER." This person was in Germantown (rich area) but with so many incorrect spellings and all else, I would be afraid to buy this thing.

Beverly said...

Exactly! Don't these people own dictionaries? Are their lives so busy that they can't proofread? Would it do any good if they did? That's the really scary part.

The Richards Family said...

too funny!

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