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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like dirt.   The first person who came to mind was a boss I had about 20 years ago in NC.  Looking back, I believe she was manic depressive, but at the time, I couldn't see that.  She was either your best friend or your worst enemy and you never knew which would walk through the door.  It got to the point where I would start dreading Monday mornings on Friday afternoons!   I finally decided that Winston Salem was a big place and there HAD to be other jobs out there that didn't require working for a psycho.  One day, I'd had enough and when she started in on me, I quietly started packing up my stuff.  She made some snide remarks and, since I was quitting anyway, I let her have it.  Man, that felt good!

Unfortunately, I have someone in my life right now who is making life difficult.  For some reason, this person thinks they have to sneak behind my back and lie to me.  Even when there's no reason to lie, they do.  This is someone who will always be in my life, so we need to find a way to resolve our differences. 


EmptyNester said...

I bet that did feel good- telling her off. I hate it when people around me, that I HAVE to be around, start doing things like lying and sneaking. Makes life a misery that it doesn't have to be.

Did I tell you that I'm doing the 30 Days of Truth too? But I'm doing it in my personal journal. Wow, I've made discoveries already!

Connie said...

Seems like your old boss could have been my mother, the only difference is that I have had to put up with her all my life. So glad you let the old boss have it, kind of a great way to close that door. Good for you.

The situation you are dealing with currently cannot be easy. You just do what you know is right no matter what the other person does.

6L's said...

i'm sorry you are having to deal with that. i've got someone too, more like the psycho, in my life but luckily dont have to see them too much! i hope y'all can get it figured out. hugs!

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